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If you’re considering selling your home, you’re probably interested in one big question.  How much is your property worth?


CMAs can include homes that are currently for sale and those which have recently sold. They can cover areas as narrow as one or two streets surrounding your home, or as broad as an entire subdivision.

A CMA contains valuable information on several recent sales, including:
– How long each property stayed on the market?
– How close the sale price was to the asking price?
– Notes comparing each home to yours-number of bedrooms and baths, approximate   square footage, sizes of major rooms, amenities such as fireplaces and pools, age of the     home, property taxes, and more.

Determining the market value of your home is complex and working with a local market expert like me can help you determine the right price to get you top dollar when you’re ready to sell. Whether you’re looking to move quickly or just want to explore your options, I am happy to help.

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