5 Reasons to check out Guntersville, AL: Get away for the day!

You may not realize it, but one good thing about living in the Huntsville/Madsion, AL area is that we are not far from several great get away destinations. Drive west and you will find Town Creek and Rogersville, Alabama. (more…)


2017 July Newsletter

Jay Myhand – Realtor® | Monthly News Letter | July 2017

LineBuy or Sell First?


The classic dilemma for many homeowners is whether to buy or sell first. There is no “right” answer. It depends on your specific circumstances as well as current market conditions.

“It depends on your specific circumstances as well as current market conditions.”

Most homeowners believe that it’s more prudent and less stressful if you sell your existing home before you buy a new one. You can often get top dollar for your home if you are not under pressure to sell. And you’re in a better position to negotiate when buying a home. If you have to make an offer contingent on the sale of your home, you often lose negotiating leverage. (more…)

Home Architecture

A frequent question that I hear when out looking at homes, “What type of home is this?” I often point out that many home designs have a mixture of architectural styles. But in some areas homes are very true to the intent of its architectural design. Below is a series of videos that breaks down the most popular architectural home designs. (more…)

Home Windows

Windows play a big role in the aesthetics and energy efficiency of our homes. These videos will help you gain a better understanding about different types of windows and some unique purposes certain types of windows serve. If you are looking to purchase a home or thinking about selling your home, it is good to be up to speed with your window knowledge. (more…)

Understanding Countertops

Understanding the types of materials used to make countertops can be tricky. You may find a countertop that looks good but how do you know if that material is a good fit for you, your family and your home. Another question to ask yourself is, will you be able to dedicate the time needed to properly maintain the countertop? Some materials require more maintenance than others. (more…)